take your engineering

to the next level


We are team of engineers who work on projects
across broad range of disciplines. Our group consists of engineers and technical advisory board.
We are specialists with proven experience in the following fields:



oil & gas



how we work.

We are able to take on extra short tasks with aggressive timeline as well as big, long term projects.
Once the project is initiated, we build a project group, which consists of:
freelance engineers, technical advisor, project manager.

We start with a kick-off meeting followed by regular tech reviews. We are fully transparent – our customers are welcomed to join any of our meetings. Engineering activities are being overseen through the project by technical advisor. The timeline is being monitor and the status is being communicated to the customer by the project manager. The whole accountability is assigned to project manager.

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  • FEA transient & steady-state stress analyses
  • Linear and nonlinear simulations
  •  Modal analysis
  • Forced response analysis
  • Buckling
  • Coupled fields
  • Rotordynamics
  • Crack propagation
  • Turbomachinery & general purpose gas and liquid flow analysis (1D flow network models & 3D/2D CFD)
  • Steady & transient flow analysis
  • Development of new methods for aero analysis
  • Conduction/ convection/ radiation modes
  • Steady state & transient
  • Be-spoke heat transfer algorithms
  • 3D parametric modeling

  • Drafting & documentation

  • GD&T and stack-up analyses

  • Surface modeling

  • Sheet metal modeling

  • Modelling for 3D printed applications


  • Material application for given design

  • Failure analysis of structural components (fracture, fatigue, corrosion)

  • Failure analysis of bearings, gears and seals (pitting, spooling, wear)

  • Root cause investigation

  • Scanning electron microscope analysis

  • Weld joints qualification

  • Rotating tests

  • Static & Fatigue tests

  • Drive trains

  • Lubrication & scavenge systems

  • Pressurization systems

  • Load systems

  • Instrumentation

  • Commissioning

  • Alignment & balancing

  • Vibration & FFT analysis

  • Manufacturing support


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